Watermelon Carnage

I was headed back to work from lunch and got to the only traffic light in Newberry, and right in the middle of the intersection it looked like a very large animal was run over by a car…. it was a scene of total carnage and I didn’t want to look, but I couldn’t help it. And then I realized it wasn’t an animal. It was watermelons… watermelon flesh all over the asphalt. Total watermelon bloodbath.

All of this made me wonder about the square watermelons available in Japan. The Japanese started browning them in this shape to make them fit into a refrigerator more easily, and also so they wouldn’t roll. The problem is it’s very labor intensive to grow them this way {in a box} and usually they’re not good to eat because they aren’t harvested at the right time. It’s a neat idea, but if the watermelon isn’t good to eat that kind of defeats the purpose!


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