How to Make a Valentine’s Day Mobile

Valentines Day Mobile
We started making these a couple of years ago to give to close family members instead of traditional Valentine’s Day cards. Ideally, we would send them out around the beginning of February so our family can hang them up and enjoy them. I started making these because I thought it would be cool to send something that could double as decor, but also maintain the personal touch of a card.

The first one we ever made was just three hearts on a piece of fishing line. We started with white cardstock and painted it pink before cutting out the hearts, gluing them on the string, and decorating them with red glitter glue.

This year I decided to start with pink cardstock paper, so I could eliminate the painting step. I also decided to add photos of the kids to make up one side of the larger hearts. I used our Easter photos from last year because the colors went well with the pink paper.

Supply List

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These last four items are optional (*). You can really make this project look however you’d like… make it as simple or complicated as you desire. Just keep in mind that if you plan to give these out as valentines, you might want to make them simple enough that you can make several in an afternoon.

To start off you’ll want to have some photos printed to use as one side of the larger hearts. I used Photoshop to add a heart shaped outline, which allowed me to see where I would cut the photo. You don’t have to do it this way… I just found that it’s easier for me to see where I’ll be cutting rather than put an already cut-out heart on top of the photo, obscuring the picture. I uploaded my photos to my Walgreens account and sent in an order to their 1-hour photo people, so I could pick them up the same day.

Once I had all of my supplies ready to go, I put one photo on top of the pink cardstock paper and cut out the heart shape… that way I was cutting the front and back heart at the same time, so I wouldn’t have to trace the heart on the paper and then cut it out. (You could print a heart shape on the cardstock using your computer and printer if you were unable to do the Photoshop step that I mentioned above… or you can purchase a large heart shaped cutter and skip the Photoshopping dilemma all together!) Once I finished cutting out my large hearts, I wrote “Happy Valentine’s Day” on the back of one of the large hearts using a sharpie. Then I used my small heart-shaped cutter to quickly cut lots of small hearts.

Now you’ll want to start gluing hearts onto the fishing line by sandwiching the line between the two hearts. Start from the bottom and work your way up, so you can wait until you’re done with the first string of hearts before you have to cut the fishing line. You can position your hearts in whatever pattern you’d like. When you’re ready to cut the fishing line, make sure you leave about a foot of extra line at the top so you have room to tie the line to your wooden dowel.

I used the smallest wooden dowels that I could find in Ace Hardware. (I’d say that they’re about twice the width of a shish kabob skewer.) You want something sturdy, but lightweight and small enough to be cut with scissors. Cut your dowel to your desired size — I cut mine to be approximately 7 inches. Before you start tying the fishing line to your dowel, take your scissors and slightly squeeze down on the spot where you want your line to go, but don’t cut all the way through. This will create a little divot where you can tie the line tightly and it won’t slide around on the stick. When I made my first version I just immediately tied the string on and had to glue the lines to the stick because they kept sliding around. The divots and tying them tightly will help significantly.

These will need a little bit of drying time depending on what kind of glue you’re planning on using. I used a clear Elmer’s glue, and for some of them I added some glitter glue decorations. If you decide to add some glitter glue they will need to dry overnight. They look nice even without the extra embellishments though, so if you’re strapped for time it’s fine to just keep it simple.


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