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Best Vera Bradley Bags for iPads

Something I’ve thought long and hard about is: What Vera Bradley bag is best for carrying an iPad? I know there are a lot of opinions about Vera Bradley out there, but personally I think they’re fantastic. Bottom line… they’re beautiful and washable – two extremely important qualities that I look for in a handbag.

Confessions of a Teacher’s Kid

Both of my parents were teachers. My dad is a retired elementary school P.E. teacher. My mom taught kindergarten for many years before becoming a middle school guidance counselor, which she loves. When I was a little kid my mom worked at my grandfather’s office. He owned a title company and almost every member of

Watermelon Carnage

I was headed back to work from lunch and got to the only traffic light in Newberry, and right in the middle of the intersection it looked like a very large animal was run over by a car…. it was a scene of total carnage and I didn’t want to look, but I couldn’t help