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Best Vera Bradley Bags for iPads

Something I’ve thought long and hard about is: What Vera Bradley bag is best for carrying an iPad? I know there are a lot of opinions about Vera Bradley out there, but personally I think they’re fantastic. Bottom line… they’re beautiful and washable – two extremely important qualities that I look for in a handbag.

Stop Molding Tiny Mean Girls!

My daughter is a second grader this year and for the first time in her life she’s struggling a bit socially, and if you knew her you would know this is completely out of the ordinary. She’s been talking about herself in very negative ways, calling herself “stupid” and “ugly” because she thinks saying otherwise

Confessions of a Teacher’s Kid

Both of my parents were teachers. My dad is a retired elementary school P.E. teacher. My mom taught kindergarten for many years before becoming a middle school guidance counselor, which she loves. When I was a little kid my mom worked at my grandfather’s office. He owned a title company and almost every member of

Watermelon Carnage

I was headed back to work from lunch and got to the only traffic light in Newberry, and right in the middle of the intersection it looked like a very large animal was run over by a car…. it was a scene of total carnage and I didn’t want to look, but I couldn’t help