15 Stores to Shop for Plus Size Clothing

I am incredibly picky when it comes to clothing. Part of that stems from being a graphic designer and having strong opinions when it comes to color and patterns… but also because I’ve been a plus size girl for as long as I can remember.

When I was a teenager there weren’t a whole lot of shopping options when it came to larger sizes, so I rarely felt confident in what I wore. I think that’s a big reason why I get so attached to clothing now, as an adult. I love the clothes in my closet right now and I’m constantly adding new things. I tried to clean out my closet recently and was blown away by (1) how much stuff I have and (2) by how old some of it was! I still had some clothes from college and even a couple of things from late high school, so we’re talking about some pieces that are 14 years old {eek!}. I think I’ve held on to those merely because they were the handful of items I actually felt somewhat good wearing, but it’s time to let all of that stuff go because I have some pretty amazing shopping options now!

Here is a list of some of my favorite stores {and not so favorite stores} that sell plus size clothing, and a brief synopsis of what they do well. Brutal honesty is the order of the day! Of course, there are other stores that I haven’t listed that sell plus size clothing, but most of them aren’t worth mentioning because their stuff is either ugly or grandma-ish… like J. Jill… LOL!

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We all know about Torrid because they’ve been around for quite awhile, but they’ve recently become one of my favorite places to shop. I don’t have a Torrid store near me so I order things online, but I prefer to shop this way because it’s easier to see things quickly and find something I like.

Torrid definitely carries a lot of the trends younger people wear, and sometimes there are trends that just don’t appeal to me. But lately I’ve found a lot of things I like, my favorite being Vigoss jeans… {cue the choir of singing angels.} These are seriously amazing and I’m not even exaggerating. They are so soft with just the right amount of stretch. They make your butt look good and are pretty much the anti-mom-jeans. I love the varying washes, distressing, rhinestone accents… seriously. Buy a pair. You’ll thank me.

Lane Bryant

Everybody knows about Lane Bryant. LB was my only decent source of plus size clothing when I was a teenager and I feel like I owe them a high five or something, just for being there when I needed them. My mom didn’t think that their clothing was the best quality back then, but they’ve definitely improved and I’ve been more than satisfied.

Okay, so the 411 on Lane Bryant… they have a great selection of things you could wear to work, and sometimes you can find a cute dress or some casual tops. I’m not overly impressed with their brand of jeans or the Seven jeans they sell online. I’ve only bought one pair of LB jeans that I actually liked in the past 10 years, and they were some dark wash trouser jeans. I know they have a lot of styles with decent looking details, but they just don’t float my boat. Neither does Seven. Go buy the good Vigoss jeans from Torrid or check out Jessica Svoboda jeans. Everything else is just “ehh.”

Lane Bryant


If you need a dress for a special occasion or something office-fierce, definitely check out IGIGI. I’ve bought a couple of things from them and I am in love! Their dresses are definitely a bit pricey, but if you need something with the wow-factor… go no further. I’ve never purchased any of their separates, but there are a couple of tops that I have my eye on.


More amazing dresses!! Once again, they’re pricey… but they’ve got the wow-factor you’re looking for. If you have a wedding to go to or you’re going on a cruise and want to turn some heads during the formal dinners – Kiyonna is an excellent place to start browsing {& IGIGI}. Lane Bryant sells some dresses from Kiyonna on the LB website, but they’ve got even more to look at if you go directly to the Kiyonna website.

Stylish Plus Size Dresses & Separates

SWAK Designs

SWAK Designs

{Just in case you were wondering, SWAK stands for “sealed with a kiss.”}

I have ordered a few things from this website, and I’ve been very happy! Their fabrics wash well and the colors stay vibrant, which is a big deal. Definitely check out their dresses and cardigans while you’re there.

Jessica Svoboda

I’m really hoping Svoboda is on the up&up because I love her jeans!! Svoboda jeans were the first jeans I’ve ever owned that made me feel like I could rock some stylish stuff, even at my size. The pockets were larger than standard pockets and positioned perfectly to make your butt look truly amaze-balls. I have no idea why designers didn’t think of this sooner… everybody just slaps regular sized pockets on a plus size booty and thinks it’s all good. No. Just no.

I think Svoboda jeans have revolutionized the plus size jeans industry in that respect. Yes, I wear plus size clothing, but that doesn’t mean I have to settle for ugly mom jeans.

I read awhile back that Jessica had taken some time off to have some babies {understandable}, so her online store has been out of commission for awhile now… but I’m hoping for a come-back that will knock our socks off.


Lands End

Before you revoke my diva card, please… just hear me out. Lands End has the best plus size bathing suits I’ve seen in my entire life. They have something for every body type and every summer I comb their website for my go-to tankini separates. The only thing I wish I could change about Lands End’s plus size bathing suits would be to add a second cup-size option. Just because I wear plus sizes does not mean I have big boobs, and I know I’m not alone! If they could offer their tops in sizes B/C and D+ I would be completely happy. I hate underwire. I don’t wear underwire bras and I certainly wouldn’t want to wear underwire in a swimsuit, and thankfully Lands End saves me there… but I need a shelf bra that fits. Side Bar – do seamstresses alter the boobage situation in swimwear? Do people do that? I want to know, so comment below if you’ve ever had a swimsuit altered.

The other thing you have to check out from Lands End is the Fit & Flare Dress. This dress seriously looks good on EVERY body type. I have this dress in multiple colors, and this season they’ve added a maxi version with a tulip hem. LOVE! It also comes in a few patterns, but I usually like the solid colors because I’m so picky about patterns. Pair it with a 3/4 sleeve cardigan and a bold piece of jewelry and you’ll look like a million bucks.

Speaking of cardigans, I wear them… a lot… as in, almost everyday. I like to layer things because in Florida you might want to cover up at work, but then peel off a layer if it’s hot outside {of course, it’s always hot outside}. I’ve bought many 3/4 sleeve cardis from Old Navy, but those don’t even compare to Lands End quality. I have 2 LE cardigans and they’ve washed so much better than anything I’ve ever bought from ON.

I also occasionally find a comfortable skirt or some pretty solid colored t-shirts, so it’s worth looking through those sections too. And when you’re in need of a jacket, check out LE again.


Always For Me

This is another site I always check out when I’m bathing suit shopping because they have a huge selection. {Hello bombshell!} They also have a decent selection of activewear, which I haven’t tried yet, but I have some capris on my wish list.
Plus Size Cover Ups and Sun Dresses

Old Navy

Sigh. Old Navy has disappointment me many times over the years. The sizes of their plus size clothing can vary from piece to piece. Some items don’t fit anything like you think they will. And some items are just plain ugly when you look at them up-close. ON is poor quality all around, and I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even open their emails anymore. The only things that might be worth a look are their (1) dresses because every now and then there’s a half-way decent one that might be good as a swimsuit cover. (2) Their 3/4 sleeve cardigans… again, not as nice as Lands End, but they’re inexpensive. The colors are hit & miss. They never carry as many colors in the plus sizes as they do in the smaller sizes, which blows. (3) Their yoga pants / capris are decent. They start to look old after about 5 washes, but they’re fine for working in the yard, cleaning, and going to the gym.

Sydney’s Closet

If you need something formal… definitely check out Sydney’s closet! If you need a plus size prom dress, Mardi Gras dress, etc – they’ve got some truly gorgeous dresses. My cousin lives in Fairhope, AL and I keep meaning to go up there for their Mardi Gras Ball, so I’m going to have to finally buy something from this site when the time comes because they require floor length gowns… super fancy!



They don’t have a lot of plus size offerings, but they do have some nice yoga pants and capris in sizes 1X and 2X. I don’t have any tops from Athleta that currently fit me (a 2X is just too small at the moment), but they do have some pretty things. Kudos to Athleta for carrying some larger sizes! A lot of these types of stores don’t even offer larger sizes (cough-cough-title9-cough-lululemon-cough). Jerks.


This site has been around for awhile and they have a huge assortment of dresses. Some of them are ugly, but some of them are decent. Quality can be hit or miss, but I’ve been very happy with a few dresses by Pink Apple. I have a white dress with silver sequins that looks awesome as a swimsuit cover up. Have I mentioned I love sequins? I’m so fancy. My peeve with Alight is that their graphic design is terrible, especially their marketing emails! OMG. I don’t even open them anymore because they’re that bad. Time to hire a decent graphic designer.


I haven’t bought anything from Avenue lately, but I wanted to mention them just to say they kind of suck. Sometimes they have some decent looking pieces, but everything I’ve bought from them has shrunk in the wash. I’m tall, so this is a deal breaker. They do carry some really big sizes though, so if some of these other sites don’t carry your size, try Avenue.

Marisota & Simply Be

I’m grouping these websites together because they are somehow affiliated with each other. I have not shopped on either one of these websites yet, but I’ve randomly gotten some of their catalogs in the mail and I’m intrigued. I think they’re based out of the UK, but they have US sizes on their websites. I will definitely post an updated when I order something though because they have a lot of things that look fantastic, but if the quality isn’t up to par I’d be hesitant to order again. They have a lot of brands listed that I’ve never heard of, but that makes sense seeing that they’re across the pond. If you have shopped either of these sites, leave us a comment below and give us the 411!


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